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GPBMU ®, has an extensive catalog of lifting systems for the maintenance of facades. All systems are manufactured to suit customer needs. BMUs we manufacture are in accordance with the harmonized standard UNE-EN 1808 April 2000 on the safety requirements for variable level suspended platforms, their design calculations and tests. Also we go beyond the calculation of resistance, fatigue, ... with the implementation of the DB-SE-A (Euro code 3) of steel structures. The review of kind, made by SGS Tenos, SA, is described in the report 911/114111-012/09.

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Rostek Co. was established in 1984, and specializes in access equipment for buildings. Today Rostek has achieved a world-leading position in access systems in aluminium.
The Rostek Systems for permanent access solutions are used for window cleaning and building maintenance in thousands of applications around the globe. Almost 90% of our annual turnover is export to more than 25 countries worldwide.

Rostek product line includes:
• Alum Track Systems.
• Manual and Electric Trolleys.
• Davit System.
• Ladders and Gantries, etc.

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FIXATOR®, manufacturer of hoists and suspended cradles for more than 70 years, designs suspended scaffolds, custom-made suspended platforms and attachment systems for façade work.

FIXATOR® also manufactures a wide range of electric hoists, manual hoists and pneumatic hoists intended for industrial use, for personnel lifting or equipment lifting applications.

following systems from Fixator:
• Personnel Lifting
• Material Lifting Hoists
• Permanent Access System (BMU)

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Sky Man International

With over 20 years of experience in the suspended powered access business, Sky Man International is a unique blend of long time engineering & production background, steady growth and highly skilled people operating in changing markets. Our 5000 m² production facilities are equipped with state of the art tools and machinery.

Sky Man International was incorporated in 1992. Initially continuing to be active through a distributor network worldwide with sales of temporary equipment (TSP) and tailor engineered solutions. Gradually developing further since the early nineties into permanent installations (BMU) and industry specific applications.

In 2006, a partnership was established with Pro-Bell Group of companies (Canada & USA) to operate the 'permanent installations' markets in North America with combined strengths.

In 2010, Sky Man USA was founded as a subsidiary of Sky Man International, to directly support our TSP and industry specific business.

Sky Man International produces and operates through 3 separate product divisions :
• Temporary Suspended Access Equipment (TSP)
• Permanent Suspended Access Equipment (BMU/PI)
• Industry Specific Applications (e.g. Wind Industry specific products)

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Unger was founded in 1964 by Henry and Barbara Unger in the attic of the home of Barbara's grandmother in Hamburg, Germany. While the original intent was to manufacture window cleaning products, the company soon expanded its product line in order to become the market leader in the Sanitary Supply and Retail Cleaning Fields. Adopting this as the company's mission, Unger strives to produce high quality, innovative tools that help professionals clean more productively and safely, as well as offer superior customer service to both end-users and distributors.

Today, Unger is an international company and has been manufacturing professional cleaning tools for more than 40 years. It has offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States and Germany, and sales offices in the United Kingdom, and India. Unger now provides innovative cleaning solutions to more than 80 countries worldwide.


From the moment Unger was founded, more than 40 years ago, it has endeavored to:
• Count its customers as its most important asset
• Produce quality cleaning tools designed to improve worker efficiency and building sanitation
• Provide solutions that yield cleaner, healthier buildings

Unger's success is primarily due to bright, talented people who work well together ensuring the company reaches its goals

Vision and Values


Unger will be a world class provider of innovative cleaning and maintenance solutions.


At Unger we…
• Respect each other in a fun, multicultural environment,
• Value customers, employees and suppliers as partners and treat them openly, honestly and with integrity,
• Are empowered to take initiative in order to achieve shared goals and objectives,
• Value world class quality in everything we do.

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Empire has specialized in the design and manufacturing of air blast equipment for over sixty years. Today, we produce the most extensive line of pneumatic blasting equipment in the industry. We've earned our reputation as a leader in air-blast technology by developing products that meet both specific and general customer needs, and we have the best warranty in the industry. Our blast cabinets are equipped with a wide range of factory options to support the most production requirements with zero cost for custom engineering. Empire usually has what you need "right off the shelf."

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